When visiting Sierra Leone in 2009, I came across a group of boys living underneath a bridge in the central part of Freetown. This encounter made a mark on me: one that I could not ignore.

 I believe in the philosophy that an individual can make a difference in another’s life and in acknowledging my position of living a privileged life in the Western world; I took up my responsibility as a human being. I was convinced that if given an opportunity, these boys would develop and prosper.

Since then I have endeavored to help them overcome their struggle against social and environmental exclusion and it has evolved into a program of 22 boys ranging from 14-19 years of age. Formerly living in the streets of Freetown for the majority of their lives and never having had the opportunity to go to school to learn even a basic level of reading and writing, they are now living different lives.

I believe that empowerment, rather than providing for an individual, will enable positive change. For the boys, this means: 100% school attendance is obligatory while participation in projects to express their skills and creativity to generate an income and enable them to fund their education, housing, and daily living expenses is key.

For the first time the boys discuss their future as compared to focusing on day-to-day survival. They are learning conflict resolution rather than relying on violence to survive and solve their issues. The consequences of their personal growth are many, such as signing a peace treaty with the local police, whereby violence from and to the boys has dramatically decreased.

Furthermore than just providing these boys with an opportunity to live a life worth living, collaborations like these instill a sense of pride and confidence in them; a sense of achievement that is priceless.

It is in this context that these beautifully embroidered and customized *folorunsho x K1X sneakers and *folorunsho x Lee shirts were designed.

A creation in Freetown.
A creation of young lives.

All proceeds go to the boys’ continued well being, such as: paying for their school fees, their rent, their food, clothing and private tutoring.

*folorunsho = born under the eye of God (in Yoruba)